Released publication under the direction of:
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

“ROACH PRUFE®...the only insecticide that had shown 100% control.”

After over 10 years in preparation, under the direction of the Food and Drug Administration, Ecology and Management of Food-Industry Pests has just been released. A large segment of this 600-page hardbound reference manual sites 212 university and other scientific studies, dealing with the worst pest of all--the cockroach.

Comparative Tests . . .

"In field experiments comparing (a) straight boric acid powder screened to eliminate lumps, (b) proprietary boric acid formulations, and (c) a wide array of organic insecticides that include those most commonly used by PCOs (Pest Control Operators), one of the boric acid powder formulations (Roach Prufe®) gave long-term results superior to those from other boric acid formulations, straight boric acid, and the organic insecticides. It's superiority was evident one week after treatment, and in three months it was the only insecticide that had shown 100% control.

Previous field tests had confirmed that additives to give the original Roach Prufe formulation a light bluish color and a bitter taste (to reduce the chance of the powder being eaten by small children) had serendipitously increased its effectiveness as a blatticide (roach insecticide). An increase in boric acid's inherent electrostatic charge, accompanied during the manufacturing process, probably added still more to the effectiveness of the Roach Prufe formulation."

-U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Ecology and Management of Food-Industry Pests, (page 105)