Roach Prufe®

Available at Ace, True Value, Do it Best, Servistar, Coast to Coast,
and other fine hardware stores and nurseries.

Reports prove... nothing as effective as Roach Prufe®

“Roach Prufe®...the only insecticide that had shown 100% control.”

-U.S. Food and Drug Administration Report

mold protocol modeled on Katrina

After 3 billion years, the bug stops here.

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Criminally Negligent Manslaughter
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Center For Disease Control: Asthma
University of CA, Los Angeles
Center For Disease Control
New England Journal of Medicine
Massachusetts Public Health
Northeastern State University
Northeastern State University
61 Year Flawless Safety Record
Mold Protocol Modeled on Katrina
Defeated Billon $ Extortion Lawsuit
UFO Photo in Space
WW2 Marine Military History
MSDS Roach Prufe

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